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When you arrive in Taiwan, you will need to fill out an arrival card to present at immigrations. Many novice travelers may feel intimidated by the process to get through immigration, but not to worry, it’s simpler than you think.

Before the plane takeoff or landing, the flight attendants should hand you a form to fill out. No matter what type of visa you are using, you will need this form if you’re not a Taiwan citizen. Make sure you bring a pen with you on the plane so you can fill this out beforehand and get in front of the long immigrations line. Otherwise, there will be desks with pens in front of the immigration line.

Family name – Fill out your last name (surname).

Given name – Fill out your first name.

Passport No. – There should be an issue number on your passport for all nationalities.

Date of birth – Your birthday goes here. Nationality – Fill out the country’s name of where your passport is issued.

Sex – Check male of female.

Flight/Vessel no. – Look on your boarding pass to see the flight number. Usually it will be a letter followed by numbers – but not always.

Occupation – What you do for a living. You can also write unemployed or student.

Visa type – Check the type of visa you are using to get into Taiwan.

Entry permit/Visa no. – If you are using a visa to get into Taiwan, write the visa number issued to you. However, if you are visa-exempt, leave this section blank.

Home address – Write the address of your home from your origin country.

Residential address – Write the address of the place you will be staying at. If you’re not staying at a hotel, I would write the name of a hotel anyway to save you some trouble. They don’t seem to really care.

Purpose of visit – Check all that apply for your visit.

As a U.S. citizen from a visa-exempt country, I have never had any problems getting through immigration. I cannot guarantee the same for those with a passport from a visa-required country. But usually, the immigration person will just ask me to look into the camera and scan the fingerprints on my two index fingers. This whole process should take no longer than a couple minutes.

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